Representing over 100 channels

Provides services to the Hospitality Industry including IPTV, Hospitality, Interactive Services, House Management,Local  and International TV channels VOD content.

SAWA Technologies

Provides a number of services to the Hospitality industry including IPTV, Hospitality Interactive services, House Keeping Management, Local and International TV Channels VOD content.

We currently have contractual Agreements with

Over 500 Hotels, Hospitals, HoReCas, MUDs, CAMPs, Offshore Sites, Public Viewing, Airports etc…

We cover the Middle East, North Africa and Europe with plans to expand into Asia and USA

We manage SAWA group’s commercial rights across MENA and Europe.

Provide TV Technology solutions to the Hospitality industry (IPTV systems, Receivers, Head-ends, Modulators etc…)

Provide Other IT related solutions to the Hospitality Industry (Housekeeping Management, HSIA, Facilities Management etc…)